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UCO and Yellow Grease Market Update (3/28/2013)

By Reiter Scientific Consulting | Company News | Mar 29 2013

Sellers are pushing for higher UCO and Yellow Grease prices around L.A. and the Pacific Northwest.  While this is nothing new, strong demand from key biofuel producers stretching from Oregon to California may help them achieve their desires. If the pricing pressure continues in the Pacific Northwest the current Jacobson L.A. price will be put […]

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Moisture and Volatiles (Hot Plate Method)

By Reiter Scientific Consulting | Fat, Oil, Grease, Resources | Apr 30 2011

Your browser does not support iframes. Moisture and Volatiles Determination Calculator Description The Moisture and Volatiles Determination procedure is designed to help Fat, Oil, Grease, and Biodiesel attain useful information regarding primarily methanol and water content quickly and inexpensively on-site. This test is based on the principal that you can heat a material to remove […]

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Just for FUN (short biodiesel videos)

By Reiter Scientific Consulting | Industry Updates | Apr 16 2011
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Hubbert’s Peak (Peak Oil, Gas, Coal)

By Reiter Scientific Consulting | Company News, Industry Updates | Mar 30 2011

  Hubbert’s Peak, The Coal Question,                 and Climate Change                             Professor David Rutledge                           Division of Engineering and Applied Science     […]

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